General Rules
1.  Possession or use of tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs on campgrounds is strictly prohibited.  If found, the violator will be sent home.
2.  Books, magazines, radios, video games, cell phones, personal listening devices, etc., are prohibited for campers and waiters/waitresses.  If found, they will be taken and returned at the end of the camp week.
3.  No camper will be excused from any scheduled activity without the permission of the Dean.
4.  No faculty members or campers will be permitted to leave the campgrounds without permission from the Dean.
5.  Sickness and injury must be reported immediately to the camp dean or nurse.
6.  In matters of dress, modesty MUST prevail.  The Dean has the final say.  Campers and faculty should “dress up” for the evening meal and Vespers. No apparel with offensive slogans or logos will be allowed on camp grounds.
7.  Swimming will be permitted at scheduled times unless the lifeguard and dean agree on a time otherwise.  Females with a two-piece suit will be asked to wear a shirt over it.
8.  Automobiles will be left parked and the keys turned in to the Dean during the week. 
9.  Campers are not permitted out of the dorms after lights out, without permission from the Dean.
10.  No coolers or food are allowed in the dorms.
Pool Rules
1.  Swimming permitted ONLY when a designated lifeguard is present.
2.  Lifeguard should be in the lifeguard chair at all times.
3.  No running along the sides of the pool.
4.  No “pushing in” or “throwing off” the side of the pool.
5.  Everyone must prove they can swim before diving from the board or jumping in the deep end of the pool.
6.  No one with any cuts or sores should be allowed to swim unless approved by the camp nurse.
7.  No diving in from the end near the diving board.
8.  Only one person on the diving board at a time.
9.  The pool gate is to be kept closed at all times.
10.  The lifeguard has authority over all faculty, campers, and visitors present in the pool area except the Dean.