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June 2-7       Senior High

Completed 9th-12th Grades

Deans:  Walker Franke & Jacob Crawford

$75 Pre-Registration/$80 At the Door

June 9-12       Primary

Completed 3rd-4th Grades

Dean:  Josiah Holloway & Ryan Eidson

$35 Pre-Registration/$40 At the Door


June 14-15       First Chance

Completed 1st-2nd Grades

Dean:  Josiah Holloway & Ryan Eidson

$20 Pre-Registration/$25 At the Door


June 15       Day Camp

5 Years Old-Completed 1st Grade

You can bring an adult with you for the day!

Dean:  Josiah Holloway & Ryan Eidson

$10 Pre-Registration/$15 At the Door

June 16-21       Intermediate

Completed 5th-6th Grades

Dean:  Isaac Houf

$75 Pre-Registration/$80 At the Door


June 23-28       Junior High

Completed 7th-8th Grades

Dean:  Nathan Chaplin

$75 Pre-Registration/$80 At the Door


July 7-12       Parallel Camp

Completed 5th-8th Grades

Dean:  Nathan & Twila Chaplin 

$75 Pre-Registration/$80 At the Door


We are making an exciting change to Boys’ & Girls’ Camp this year!  These two camp weeks will be running at the same time, but separately — parallel!  Campers will be separated by gender for most daily activities but share a combined time during meals and missions. 

Each overnight camp begins with registration from 3-5 pm on the first day.  Campers should arrive during this time and check in at the Mess Hall before going to the dorms.  Campers should not arrive before 3 pm.  Each overnight camp ends at 2 pm on its last day, with the exception of First Chance dismissing alongside Day Camp.  Day Camp is from 10 am to 3 pm with registration beginning at 9:30.

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