May 16       All Camp Work Day

8 am - 5 pm       Lunch Provided

For All Willing Workers

Dean:  Isaac Houf


May 30       Men’s Day

10 am - 3 pm       Lunch Provided

For All Men (If Under 18, Come With an Adult)

Dean:  Jack Sumption & Billy Wallace


June 6       Women’s Day

10 am - 4 pm       Lunch Provided

For All Women (If Under 18, Come With an Adult)

Dean:  Brinda Gress


August 28-30       Family Camp & 60th Anniversary

5 pm Friday - 4 pm Sunday

For Your Entire Family

Dean: Roger Crawford

Please fill out and return the applicable portions of the front of the official registration form (one per family with a note of how many people will attend) to assist in meal planning for these events.  All of these events are held with a free-will offering for registration.

Our 60th anniversary will be celebrated this year at Family Camp on August 28th-30th.  The cost is a free-will offering.  You and your family are welcome to come for all or part of the weekend.   You can stay in the dorms or you can bring your own tent or camper.  Registration begins at 5 pm on Friday and the weekend concludes at 4 pm on Sunday.  We will be reminiscing I-MO Camp through the decades with guest speakers who have been a part of our history.

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